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Trauma: How We’ve Created a Nation Addicted to Shopping, Work, Drugs and Sex

Excellent interview on education, addiction, ADHD, and child rearing. Link to full interview: http://www.alternet.org/world/149325/trauma%3A_how_we%27ve_created_a_nation_addicted_to_shopping%2C_work%2C_drugs_and_sex/?page=entire AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Maté, there’s a whole debate about education in the United States right now. How does this fit in? DR. GABOR MATÉ: Well, you … Continue reading

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Smart phones and video games may be harmful to our children’s education

Consistent multi-tasking, new technology, and the need for immediate gratification is changing the way our children work, play, and learn. Many children are not succeeding in the traditional classroom environment. NYTimes Link: In an experiment at the German Sport University … Continue reading

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If Doctors were treated like teachers

This piece was written by Joel Shatzky in the Huffington Post. Bloomberg’s plan to publish the “ratings” of teachers in the press — on the basis of test scores — is one more example of the public humiliation many of … Continue reading

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High Stakes Testing actually decreases student learning and performance.

Great video by Alfie Kohn about the fallacy of testing and accountability. The research concludes that high stakes testing actually decreases student learning and performance. http://www.educ.sfu.ca/news/alfie-kohn-event.html  

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