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Bill Gates Needs to Do Some Research on Educational Reform

There is no valid research supporting any of Bill Gates hysterical solutions for improving our education system. Indeed, the research is conclusive that smaller class sizes improve educational outcomes and merit pay does not improve teacher effectiveness. As for the … Continue reading

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Smart phones and video games may be harmful to our children’s education

Consistent multi-tasking, new technology, and the need for immediate gratification is changing the way our children work, play, and learn. Many children are not succeeding in the traditional classroom environment. NYTimes Link: In an experiment at the German Sport University … Continue reading

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Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected

Bill Cosby took a lot of heat for similar statements about the reasons many black students underachieve.  The sociological reasons, uncomfortable as they may be to acknowledge, must be part of the dialogue if we are ever going to improve the … Continue reading

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Is your daughter a self-loathing ‘body bully’?

What are we doing to our daughters? When is all this consumerism and the hypnosis of social conditioning going to end? Is your daughter a self-loathing ‘body bully’? ‘Good Girls Don’t Get Fat’ spells out how to help girls break … Continue reading

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Latest research on Happiness

It seems the mystics may have just been proven right all along. Living in the present moment leads to a happier life. Daydreaming Is a Downer By Lauren Schenkman Snap out of it! That daydream you’re having about eloping to … Continue reading

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Middle School or the TV Show Survivor- Which is More Cutthroat?

Middle School or the TV Show Survivor- Which is More Cutthroat? According to Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, adolescence is a time in which teens are faced with identity issues and are constantly trying to figure out who they … Continue reading

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Homework Helpers – $100 an hour

 The proliferation of tutors and homework helpers is another reason for the achievement gap between the haves and the have-nots.  In many cases, parents are shelling out $100 per hour because they don’t want to be bothered helping their children … Continue reading

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Bullying is Bullying

If we rationalize our political prejudices and allow in-groups to bully out-groups, or the “strong” to bully the weak, we tacitly encourage the reproduction of hatred, violence, ethnocentrism, ignorance, misogyny,intolerance, and malignant narcissism. In Efforts to End Bullying, Some See … Continue reading

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College Application Fraud

Too many high schools across this country are teaching our children to exaggerate, embellish, and outright lie about their extracurricular activities in order to gain a perceived advantage over other students competing for a limited number of spots at our … Continue reading

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If Doctors were treated like teachers

This piece was written by Joel Shatzky in the Huffington Post. Bloomberg’s plan to publish the “ratings” of teachers in the press — on the basis of test scores — is one more example of the public humiliation many of … Continue reading

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